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I Just Read A Reddit Post About This And I M Not Sure If It S Cannon Or Not But I Like The Idea Too Boku No Hero Academia Funny My Hero

Maybe Hisashi is just so busy with his Lunch Rush shenanigans at UA so thats why we rarely see him at home.

Who is deku's dad reddit. Continuing the investigation into the strange YouTube channel known as DAD. Well I may have an answer Dekus dad abandoned his family. The Possibly Sad Truth About Dekus Dad.

So for Dekus dad to be almost totally absent from the story to the point that dekus final thoughts when he was almost gonna die were about only his mother and all might doesnt surprise me. Deku Deals AboutFAQ Patreon Feature requests. But Dekus quirk makes him more durable than the guy whos quirk is being durable faster than the guy whos quirk is being fast and more destructive than the guy whos quirk is blowing things up.

30092020 Mirroring Dekus attempt to save him against the slime villain in Season 1 with these thoughts Bakugo shoves Deku from the path of the tendrils and ends up being impaled with them in his stead. Ok so lets look at this I am not saying that Dekus dad is a villain I am just saying that he left Izuku and Inko for some reason. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

So the Title says it all the two hottest rising stars of Shonen Anime going all out in a battle. No matter is DEKUs dad abusive. Dekus fortunate to have many positive mentors in his life but the lack of acknowledgment for his father is rather puzzling.

24062020 Ochaco is the one that turns his once demeaning nickname Deku into a positive identity for him when she says it gives her a never gives up vibe. They share similar ways of quick thinking which contributes to their friendship. There are a couple of theories lingering amongst fans but few details are known about Hisashis characteristics and abilities.

Izuku never thought of contacting his father when he got his Provisional Hero License nor was Hisashi ever mentioned the times Izuku has been on the verge of death or gravely injured. Is he from space. Also spoiler alert so go away if you never seen MHA and dont want to be spoiled.

Maybe all he knows is that his dad works as a Chef for some fancy restaurant. No amount of training is going to let that dude who gets amped by eating sugar beat Deku in a fight. In an alternative universe far far away in which a young Touya was schoolmate of little Keigo it happened that every single day after classes Touya was tormented by his winged friend.

This new identity means a lot to Midoriya and he even makes it his hero name. Even though Izuku was born Quirkless he manages to catch the attention of the legendary hero All Might due to his innate heroism and strong sense of justice and has. Filter by flair US Links.

Why tf is everyone attracted to deku- and secondly if i was the person who made this tik tok i wouldnt be really. According to dekus mom midoriyas dad is away on some sort of top secret mission or something like that Im not sure but the way I see it I guess Press J to jump to the feed. Maybe there is a reason why Hisashis keeping his Lunch Rush identity a secret.

Inko became an alcoholic and was a severely homophobic mother to the point where she would beat Deku for hours when she felt like it. He was a big fan of Endeavor and he was thrilled at the idea of know more about his hero directly from the words of his son Touya. Maybe Izuku doesnt know his dad works for UA.

07102019 This concept also makes sense because if All For One is the dad of Midoriya it makes sense not to have a quirk. Log In Sign Up. Dekus Doctor is the SAME doctor that is working with and for All For One.

Why tf is everyone attracted to deku- and secondly if i was the person who made this tik tok i wouldnt be really happy if there were some gacha kids making their characters go to heat bcs of my tik tok. Hisashi his names abroad for work Horikoshi stated that he will appear at some point though so no disappeared dad trope. 23062016 Endevour is Dekus dad.

Is he a computer. DOCTOR who said Midoriya was QUIRKLESS. All Might mentioning there similarities is foreshadowing and if she didnt get fat shed actually look exactly like Nana just without the mole.

Chances are Bakugo will live to fight another day given. Add on is Endeavor DEKUs father. Dekus dad is All for One and Dekus mom is somehow related to Nana.

Posted by 2 years ago. Ochaco is inspired by him striving for his level of tenacity and. Au where Dekus father was abusive until he left him and his mother Inko when Deku was 13.

Hes never mentioned him and doesnt seem to be in contact with h. Its a nice moment in Bakugos arc to become a better person and a certain anxiety inducer for Bakugo fans the world over. Image Gallery Izuku Midoriya Images.

Created Feb 21 2018. If the message the series is going for is that skill is greater than brute strength then maybe. One For All Vs Anti-Magic.

Its become such a problem. Izuku Midoriya 緑 みどり 谷 や 出 いず 久 く Midoriya Izuku also known as Deku デク Deku is the main protagonist of the My Hero Academia manga and anime series. Because All For One might possibly have a hand in the quirk of Midoriya disappearing because of All for Ones quirk to steal.

We asked the creator Nathan Barnatt and even. Izukus father has never been mentioned even at crucial moments in the manga. Asta can go Demon Form If he needs to and Deku has.

Considering the manga is currently in. Posted by 1 month ago. It makes me wonder though how Izuku views his father.

But one question has been stumbling my brain where is Dekus dad. Deku Deals tracks the prices of Nintendo Switch games on the eShop and at major retailers in order to find the best deals. 28122019 When Will Dekus Dad Be Revealed.

29012021 Where is his dad anyway. Based on the scarce amount of information there is on Dekus father here are some clues to the. In the tournament arc when looking into Todoroki-Kuns backstory we found out that.

Midoriya Vs Asta My Hero Academia Vs Black Clover Battle. Todorokis theory about deku being an illegitimate child might be closer to the truth than we thought. Japan can be a really cool culture with some great aspects to it but it comes with a darker side on the business side of things.

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