Disney Characters In Quarantine

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Pick your disney quarantine house.

Disney characters in quarantine. Instead of let it go. Kurt didn t have to whip out a quarantine themed version of when will my life begin because well the song is about being forced to quarantine. Sorceror mickey from fantasia you might not think that mickey has ever been in self isolation but in fantasia he spent quite a bit of time cooped up with the wizard yensid.

How did he handle it. Hey peeps tysm for over 50 subs means a lot to me anyways enjoy the video. Each character sings a recognizable disney song but with new lyrics that highlight the reality of social distancing and self quarantining during the coronavirus pandemic.

Rapunzel is literally singing about being trapped not being able to control her life and not being able to go anywhere. Disney comedy what happens when you close disney. I can not express h.

Join them as dancer on ice productions proudly presents your disney princess quarantine s. How are giselle ariel belle and elsa spending their quarantine. Disney comedy it wouldn t be disney without a sequel.

Thank you all so much for the amazing support and love on the first installment. Here s our list of 10 disney characters who were quarantined and what they did to cope.

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